Job 43:10-11
Have you ever been hurt by someone close to you? Perhaps you are stuck…in a funk where all you can do is think about the offense. Take a cue from Job’s playbook and pull your eyes up to see God and all His glory and magnificence. Job was able to see above his problems and the attacks of his three friends. This divine moment allow JoB to overcome and forgive. He began to pray for his friends, and his forgiving spirit toward them paved the way for God to bless him. God healed his disease, his family returned to comfort him, and God restored to more than he had in the beginning. This was an act of divine grace. Do you need to stop right now and focus on who God is? Is there a person whom you need the Lord’s help to forgive? Jesus may not bless you materially, but the emotional and spiritual freedom that His forgiveness brings will feel like it.