A Friend Indeed

Proverbs 18:24
There is no consensus as to the origin of the question “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” But we all know what it means: sometimes those we thought were our friends act more like enemies. Anyone who is experienced social reversal of “friendship” knows the pain and perplexity it can cause. Job experienced such pain. When he was at the worst point of his life, his friends came to accuse and lecture him about his dishonesty before God and his failure to repent whatever sins caused God to heap suffering upon him. Anyone who has a brother or sister knows that siblings can act like enemies at times. But there is a friend who does what even a sibling cannot do, a friend who loves at all times. Jesus described Himself to be the friend of those who follow Him. If you need a friend today, He is there for you. If you know others who need a friend, be one who sticks closer than a brother.