Abide in Him – 1 John 2:28-29

Do you ever feel like there’s something you need to be doing for God to be pleased with your life? There are people who feel like they constantly have to be working in order for the Lord to be pleased with them. But Jesus gave a clear picture of what our relationship with Him ought to look like. We are to abide in Christ. The word abide means to be in “constant fellowship“ with Jesus because He is the source of life. As we receive life from Christ, the natural, inevitable result is that our lives will be pleasing to Him. So what does this abiding life look like? 1) You give God your devotion. 2)  God gives you direction. 3) You grow to be more like God. Spend time studying God‘s word and communicating with Him in prayer, and your character will be shaped by the character of Christ. Are you spending time with God every day?