When There Is No Peace

Jeremiah 6:14
The League of Nations (1920). The United Nations (1945). Countless regional, charitable, educational, and non-governmental organizations with “peace“ in their titles. None have actually promised peace, but they have all attacked the problem of war and discord as if peace were possible. Despite their efforts, none of them have achieved permanent success. At any time of the day, somewhere in the world, a war is being waged. How are we to live in a warring world without being influenced by such ever-present discord? How can we live in peace when there is no peace around us? How can we quell the internal discord we feel in times of loneliness, discouragement, or despair? The Bible points us to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, as the answer. With Him living as our Lord, the fruit of His Spirit in our life is peace. Don’t wait for the world to give you peace it has no ability to provide. Take the peace of Christ that is available today to calm your troubled soul.