Living and Leading with Wisdom

Deuteronomy 34:9
Put yourself in Joshua’s shoes. Moses, the great leader of Israel, had died. Now it’s your turn. You are the leader. Those are big shoes to fill. Joshua was God’s choice to lead Israel into the promised land. He would accomplish God’s purpose for his life, but he needed help. He couldn’t do it in his own strength or by his own wisdom. Neither can we. The Bible teaches that Joshua was “full of the spirit of wisdom.“ We know he learned from Moses, and we can assume he sought wise counsel. This passage implies that he received godly wisdom through a special anointing from his mentor. The same wisdom is available to you. You can learn from others, you can seek wise counsel, and you can access the wisdom of God just by asking. Heed the words of James 1:5, and ask God to give you wisdom so you might accomplish His purpose in life and in leadership.