God Has a Plan

John 1:14
Deism compares God to a highly skilled watchmaker who creates a mechanical marvel, then winds it up and sets it to ticking before walking away. There is no revelation, biblical or scientific, to support such a theory; those who hold it do so on the basis of reason alone. Besides being unsupportive, it is a highly impersonal, even depressing, view of God, creation, and human existence and destiny. The Bible view of God is totally different: He created us in His image with a plan to spend eternity with us. In spite of the disruption of sin, the second member of the Godhead, Jesus Christ, came to earth to “fix“ the problem of sin and bring us back into relationship with God, making it possible for God‘s original design for eternal fellowship to be ultimately realized. The day of the incarnation—when God became a man to dwell among us—is the day God proved His promise: “I will never leave you, nor for sake you.”