In Spirit and Truth

John 4:23-24
Perhaps you have pondered this question: What is the proper place to worship? Is worship confined to a specific location? Many speak of worship as something they pick up and put down based on a schedule, time, or location. We speak of attending worship services or “how we worship at church.” Though we don’t mean to speak of worship so narrowly, worship is so much more than what happens at church. If we only think of worship as occurring on Sundays at church, we have a small view of God. To worship “in spirit“ means not just with words or thoughts or emotions, but from the innermost self. Worship is an expression of love that flows from a heart of gratitude. To worship “in truth“ means to worship with no hypocrisy, deception, or impure motives. Worship should flow from our knowledge of God‘s revelation of Jesus. We worship God because of what we know about Him.