The Art of Common People-Matthew 4:18-25

And Italian painter received scathing criticism in his day for depicting people of the Bible as common. His critics reflected a time with only members of royalty and aristocracy were considered appropriate subjects for the “immortality“ of art. They could not accept seeing Matthew with the physical features of an every day laborer. According to one biographer, what the church fathers did not understand was that “in elevating this human figure, he was copying Jesus, who had raised Matthew from the street.“ Jesus Himself grew up in the home of a laborer; His disciples were fisherman and common people. Jesus lived, loved, and died for wealthy people too. But by befriending those who had been demon-possessed, lepers, fisherman, and even despised tax collectors, the teacher from Nazareth show that no one is too poor, too sinful, or too insignificant to be His friend. Jesus wants you for a friend too.