Our Fearless Champion – Matthew 8:26

I’ve come to realize that the immobilizing power of fear is not just a childhood experience. Fear keeps us from forgiving, taking a stand at the office, giving our resources to God’s kingdom, or saying no when all our friends are saying yes. Left to ourselves, we are up against a lot of fear in our lives. In the story of the disciples in the storm-tossed boat, I’m struck by the fact that the only one who was not afraid was Jesus. He was not afraid of the storm. Neither was He afraid of a crazy man in a graveyard or of the legion of demons that possessed that poor man (vv23-34). In the face of fear, we need to hear Jesus ask, “Why are you so afraid?“ (v26) and be reminded that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5-6). There is nothing He can’t overcome and therefore nothing for Him to fear. So, next time you’re haunted by your fears, remember that you can rely on Jesus, our fearless Champion!