Be Filled With The Spirit

Ephesians 5:18-20
The Bible commands us to be filled with the Spirit. It is not a suggestion, but a command. Though Paul wrote these words to the saints at Ephesus, his message still resonates to all Christians today. God wants the church to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe three groups of people are in the world. First, there are those who don’t know God. They have not excepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Second, there are people who receive the Lord but never give Him full control of their lives. He may be a resident and their hearts but He is not the President of their hearts. They just want “fire insurance“—just enough Jesus to get them out of hell. Last, there are people who give their lives to Jesus, and allow Him to be Lord of their lives. These are filled with the Spirit in a way that manifests itself daily. God cannot fill us with His Spirit when we are already full of pride, self-sufficiency, sin, and personal agendas.