You Are God’s Beloved Creation

Luke 12:6-7
Do you fear that God sees you as expendable? Are you worried that you could be on the brink of being cast away by the Lord? Perhaps you’ve gone through some season of life where you’ve felt abandoned by God and you aren’t able to pinpoint what has gone wrong. God is intimately aware of you and your needs. Most importantly, this intimate knowledge of you doesn’t turn Him away or result in your expulsion from His presence. In fact, this is a reason for you to have confidence that your Creator remains near to you and desires to be with you. The Lord is deeply invested in knowing you and in caring for you. That isn’t to say that you’ll be spared hardships. Rather, you’re assured of God‘s presence and comfort day after day. Just as the birds He created can never escape His notice, you can also take comfort in His ongoing awareness of you. If even the most common, seemingly inconsequential creature is known by God, how much more will He hold onto you?