Whom Do You Know? – John 14:15-18

There are many individuals who say that we really can’t get anywhere, achieve anything, or amount to much if we do not network. As a result of that thinking, we have countless social networks that allow us to keep up with family, friends, and acquaintances. All with the express intent of networking! You can have all the Facebook friends in the world, but what really matters in life is that you know Jesus and that He knows you! In John 14, we receive the wonderful truth that because we know Jesus, and because He knows us, He not only is our prayer partner, but He gives us Himself through the person of the Holy Spirit. He says that because He knows us, he will give us “another Helper.“ How wonderful is that fact? The only networking I truly need is the “Jesus network“! I have come across individuals who seek to impress me by whom they’ve met, and whom they think they know, and that is fine. But all that really matters is that I have met Jesus, I know Him, and I am eternally grateful that He knows me! Oh, what a Savior!