When God’s Mercy Increases

Psalm 106:7-8
Unfaithfulness toward God often begins when you forget how God has acted in the past. As the people of Israel lost sight of God‘s miracles and kindness, they began to seek other gods and even openly rebelled against God. The stories in scripture about unfaithfulness, worshiping other gods, and failing to trust God could just as easily be your own stories. It’s possible that the fantastic details of these historical accounts cause you to forget that the daily worries of life, threats of political turmoil, and selfish desires or ambition caused God‘s own people to forget even the wonder of seeing the sea split before them. If those who witnessed the greatest miracles could forget them, how much more should you be aware of your own weaknesses. Even during these repeated acts of unfaithfulness and forgetfulness, God’s mercy didn’t cease. In fact, God’s mercy increased in order to save His people. God didn’t stop revealing His power.