We Know!

Romans 8:28
When seemingly bad things happen to good people, it is a normal, human response to ask why. We long to understand the apparent senselessness of accidents, suffering, failure, or persecution. Our faith can be shaken as we struggle to understand how a loving God could allow bad things to happen. In difficult times, we are privileged to have the blessed promise penned by the apostle Paul but authored in the heart of God. There is no hesitancy in Paul’s assertion. His conviction is firm, born out of a lifetime of suffering and persecution. He declares that we know! We know, deep in our hearts, that bad things do not need to be feared. Because of the love of God for us, we can be certain that God is at work for the good of His people. Since God is good, the work He is doing for His people is good. The ultimate good toward which He is working is His glorification and the salvation of His children.