This I Know

Matthew 10:30
Theologically, you may except the doctrine of God’s sovereignty as biblical and true. Yet when your life seems derailed by the loss of a job, a home, or a loved one, do you question God’s plans? Abraham laughed, wondering how God could have a fulfill His promise of birthing a nation through his seed. God came through. Moses thought he’d hit a dead end at the Red Sea with more than 2 million people following his directions. God came through. Joseph was locked up in a prison, rejected by his brothers and falsely accused by his employer’s wife. God came through. The one who knows the number of hairs on your head, who hears your cry during the night, who understands your confusion amid heartbreaking loss, is able to use your circumstances to accomplish His ultimate purposes. Have you been feeling that God’s plans for you are thwarted by misfortune? Not so! Rejoice that a loving God hold you in His grip.