The Highest Place-Colossians 1:15-23

Who is Jesus and what has He done? The apostle Paul answered this question in Colossians 1. No one has seen God, but Jesus came to reflect and revealed Him (v15). Jesus, as the Son of God, came to die for us and free us from sin. Sin has separated us from God‘s holiness, so peace could be made only through someone perfect. That was Jesus (vv14,20). In other words, Jesus has given us what no one else could access to God and eternal life. Why does He deserve such a place of honor? He conquered death. He won our hearts by His love and sacrifice. He gives us new strength every day. He is everything to us! We give Him the glory because He deserves it. We lift Him up because that is His rightful place. Let’s give Him the highest place in our hearts. Jesus is the center of our worship.