Telling Your Own Story

Psalm 105:1
Each Christian has their own story about how they came to know Jesus. Not one of these stories may seem like a bona fide water-turned-to-wine miracle—at least not to the people hearing them—but they’re all amazing in that they give an account of how Jesus came onto the scene, took what was once dead, and made it alive. That’s just the nature of salvation, isn’t it? The Bible tells you that you are to always be ready “to give an answer to everyone who asked you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). Among other things, that can mean being ready to tell others about how Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, brought you to a point of responding to God‘s love and receiving forgiveness and eternal life. It can also include your story of healing and deliverance from what you once were. Always remember, your story of salvation is an amazing story people around you need to hear.