Tear Down The Walls

Mark 10:21
The Great Wall of China is a barrier so huge you can be seen from space. Spanning 4,500 miles, it was built to protect the Chinese empire from invading tribes. While physical barriers are often built to protect, spiritual barriers can separate us from the things we need. The rich young ruler had many good things in life, and he hoped to add eternal life to his list. His heart was pointed in the right direction, but a barrier kept him from excepting Christ. Jesus understood this barrier, and He cut through the conversation with a prescription for its removal. In telling him to sell his possessions, Jesus helped the young man see that he valued his earthly possessions more than eternal reward. What barriers keep you from complete fellowship with the Lord today? Be honest with yourself and Him. Examine your life and confess the barriers that have been built. Tear them down in heartfelt prayer to God.