Standing Fast

Galatians 5:1
The expression “stand fast” conjures up an ironic picture of opposing actions. To readers of Paul’s epistles, the words were a reminder of the hardened and disciplined Roman soldiers who would stand fast, locking shields together, and digging their feet in the ground to provide a solid front against the enemy. Paul uses this powerful image to show believers how serious he is about defending their freedom in Christ against false doctrine. Over and over again, Paul uses this phrase to cause believers to persevere against the winds of persecution: standfast in your faith, in one spirit, in the Lord, and in the traditions you have been given. It’s a crucial command for believers today. Be aware of encroaching enemies to the faith. You may find them in the media, in a curriculum, or in your relationships. God will give you the strength to stand fast. With no apologies, we need to put our shields together, dig our feet in, and say, “Not here, not now, not this time.”