Stand Your Watch-Habakkuk 2:1

As a Christian, God places you as a watchman for yourself, your friends, your family, and your church family. It is essential that you be attentive to what God is saying. It may be that your friend is in crisis and needs God‘s Word. If you are spiritually alert, you may receive a warning from God that addresses specific dangers that those around you are facing. If you are careless, on the other hand, your family may be struggling, but the answers God has for them will go unheard. If you are oblivious to God’s message, those around you may miss the encouraging promise from God that He wanted to share through you. God holds His watchmen accountable for their diligence. Strive to be attentive to every word that comes from God. Your diligence will benefit you and those around you as you hear God’s warnings and follow His commands.