New Strength-Isaiah 40:31

At times you may feel so worn out and stressed that you’re not sure you can take another step. You may seem to spend all your time running from crisis to crisis and to be consistently giving your time and energy to others. Your Lord wants to renew your strength and enabled you to enjoy the abundant life He intends for you. The key is to wait upon Him to do so. Our generation does not enjoy waiting. We are harassed by all the commitments we have made in the many responsibilities we hold. We rush thruogh our lives without stopping to evaluate our activities. Sometimes in our haste to get on with our work, we race ahead of God. Parts of God’s restorative process is to slow us down and make us listen to Him. As we wait on Him, God will remind us of our utter dependence upon His strength. When we slow down and seek His will, He will reveal His plans.