May God Rule in Our Midst-Matthew 6:10

In heaven, God’s will is the only priority. A word from God brings angels to do His bidding, immediately and without question. Jesus instructed us to pray that Gods would accomplish His will in our world in the same way. This means that God’s purposes would be preeminent in our homes, or businesses, our schools, or churches, and our governments. As you seek the Lord’s will, He will guide your praying. He will invite you not only to pray but also to become involved in His activity as He answers your prayer. If He places a burden upon you to pray for an individual’s salvation, that burden is also His invitation to join His activity in that person’s life. Prayer will prepare you to be a servant through whom God can bring about His Will on earth. Pray that the Lord’s absolute rule on earth will begin in your life. Then watch to see how Good uses you to extend His lordship to others.