Like Babes

Luke 10:21
When the 70 returned to Jesus after their missionary journeys, they told Him about all they had witnessed the Holy Spirit do through their efforts. Though they had been with Jesus and witnessed countless miracles that He had done, this was different. God had used them. We can surmise that the 70 were mature adults. But they were exuberance over the fact that demons were subject to them reveals their immaturity in the ways of the Spirit. Jesus told them to rejoice instead that their names were written in heaven. Jesus thanked the Father for using “babes“ instead of the “wise and prudent“ to accomplish His plan. Could this be because “babes“ simply do what God says the “wise and prudent” reason things out and thus, are of little value in accomplishing the works at hand? Are you one of the “babes,“ or aare you among the “wise and prudent“?