Indecision is a Decision

Matthew 27:17
Indecision is a decision. This thought sums up the choice Pontius Pilate made when he encountered Jesus Christ. Pilot believed he could postpone his decision about Jesus, but he was wrong because every action he took led to a choice, even though he sought to avoid one. When Jesus came before Pilot, He discovered a man who was torn. Even Pilot’s wife added to his confusion, warning her husband to “have nothing to do with that just Man“ after having a dream about Him. Pilot and Herod debated, and neither could find any wrong in Wim. We all come to a point when we have to make a decision about Jesus. We must accept Him as our Savior, or we reject Him. Once we take Him as our Savior, we must choose to enthrone Him as our Lord. If we think we can postpone and not decide, we have decided already.