Humble Love-Philippians 2:1-11

When Benjamin Franklin was a young man, he made a list of 12 virtues he desired to grow me in over the course of his life. Among Franklin’s thoughts about humility, he held up Jesus as an example to emulate. Jesus demonstrated the greatest humility of all. Though eternally with the Father, He chose to bend beneath a cross in love so that through His death He might lift any who receive Him into the joy of His presence. We imitate Jesus’ humility when we seek to serve our heavenly Father by serving others. Jesus’ kindness helps us catch a breathtaking glimpse of the beauty of setting ourselves aside to attend to others’ needs. Aiming for humility isn’t easy in our “me first” world. But as we rest securely in our Savior’s love, He will give us everything we need to follow him. We can serve because we are loved.