God Speaks in Many Times and Ways-Hebrews 1:1-2

Our generation is preoccupied with methods. When we find a program that works in one business, we immediately want to package and distribute it so that it will work for others. This attitude carries over into spiritual life as well. We spend more energy looking for spiritual disciplines, books, seminars, and conferences that “work“ in order to feel satisfied with our Christian life. God does not want us to trust in methods. He wants us to trust in Him. Trusting in methods rather than in a Person seriously limits the way we experience God. When we expect Him to speak to us only in particular ways, we forget that God is much more complex than our perception of Him. Don’t limit yourself to a method, expecting only to hear from your Father in particular ways. Rather open yourself up to other means by which God wants to commune with you. Then you will experience God in entirely new dimensions as you are receptive to His voice.