God Builds You Up From The Dust

Psalm 103:13-14
Do you feel pressure to appear capable, strong, or holy? Have you ever feared being “found out“ as a fraud because you struggle either privately or publicly? Your mask always falls off in God’s presence, and while that may be devestating and humiliating for you, God knows full well that it is for your benefit. You will only find freedom from your weaknesses and the false sense of self that you fight to maintain when you see with clarity that although you’re a little more than dust, God still cares for you like a father cares for his children. You are His child. That is the only identity you have to claim. When you wish to appear strong and capable, your admission of weakness and dependence opens you to God’s strength. You will finally tap in into God’s greater compassion and mercy for you, and you will then be able to share the same with those around you. God is rebuilding you from the dust on the ground on up.