Glowing In The Dark

Exodus 34:30
It’s one of the Bible’s strangest moments. Moses returned from the presence of the Lord glowing! Others could observe the changes in his life. Great spiritual transformation isn’t just possible—it’s real! God does great work in us to transform us into Christ’s image. That is our great and glorious hope! Great spiritual transformation should be observable. Those around us should notice the difference not because of pious posturing but because we truly are different. It is something we put on display. It’s something we can’t hide! Spiritual vitality can fade. Moses put a veil on because his appearance frightened people. He kept the veil on to hide the fact that the glory was fading. Our religious lives can function like that veil and hide the truth that our true spiritual vitality is waning. Finally, great spiritual vitality can only be renewed in the presence of God. When the glory faded, Moses took off the veil and return to the source of true transformation.