Future Vacancy

1 Thessalonians 4:14
If you’re looking for a new vacation destination, Reuters reports that a Russian company wants to launch a hotel 217 miles above the earth. A five-day stay in a space hotel, including the exciting ride to get there, is estimated at a cool $1 million. Temporary lodging, a billion-dollar industry today, has been around for centuries. It’s the way that New Testament Christians described the temporary place where they buried their loved ones. The believer’s body was placed into a kiomatrium, Greek for “hotel“ or “inn.” The word choice reflected the believers’ firm expectation in the resurrection. If a believer dies before the Rapture, Christ will come to the “hotel“ where the body is and reunite it with the person’s spirit, which had been with Him. The Rapture assures us the cemetery is only a motel for the body of the believer. Our hope is in the Resurrection—that glorious moment when all believers are suddenly caught up into glory and hope bursts into reality.