Council Chambers

Acts 6:15
When Stephen was dragged before the Jewish ruling council for his faith in Christ, the charges flew like daggers. But he never lost his poise, simplicity of faith, or glowing countenance. His words that day were memorable, but his love for Christ was his greatest testimony. In his book, ‘The Changed Life,’ Henry Drummond shares the story about a woman of sterling character and radiant attitude who wore locket around her neck. The woman’s friends were curious about whose picture it contained, but the woman never opened it or revealed it’s contents. Only later did a friend, with permission, look inside the locket and learn the secret of the woman’s moral radiance. Written within were the words “Whom having not seen, I love.” That was the secret of her beautiful life. Amid all life’s conflicts, our greatest secret is our devotion to the One we have not seen but love.