Battlefield Communication

Ephesians 6:18-19
The apostle Paul, having written about the armor of the believer and the urgency of prayer, asks the Ephesians to pray that God will give him the ability to share the gospel boldly at every opportunity. Notice the ‘alls’ in this passage. We’re to pray always—at ‘all’ times. We are to offer ‘all’ prayer and supplication in the Spirit. We are to pray with ‘all’ perseverance. And we’re to remember ‘all’ the saints. This world is God‘s prodigal son and God has devised a plan for winning his prodigal back. He wants to use us in the process, and our greatest agency is prayer, which is communication between God and His allies in the enemy’s country. We’re behind enemy lines, but prayer is our connection to the Commander. Let’s take prayer seriously and always offer all prayer in the spirit with all perseverance for all the saints.