Authentic Worship – John 4:23-24

The Father is seeking true worshippers. I love that He does not say that He is looking for traditional worshippers; contemporary worshippers; Baptist worshippers; red, yellow, black, or white worshippers. He is looking for true worshippers. Then He defines what the true worshiper is; one who will worship Him in the spirit and in truth. In other words, He is looking for authentic worshipers. The authentic worshiper is one who comes before Him, not seeking what he (or she) can get out of worship but simply to worship the Father. The true worshipper comes filled with the spirit and longs to see Him reign and rule in the worship. The authentic worshipper knows that it is all about the One he (or she) is worshipping and not his (or her) own agenda. This is the worshipper whom the Father is seeking. I pray this is the worshipper we all long to be.