All That is Precious – 1 Peter 2:1-10

While we pile up many things that are important to us, very little of it is really precious. In fact, overtime I have learned that the most precious things in life are not material items at all. Rather, it’s the people who have loved me and built into my life who are precious. When I find my heart saying, “I don’t know what I do without them,“ I know that they are indeed precious to me. So when Peter refers to Jesus as “a chosen and precious cornerstone“ (v6), it should resonate in our hearts that He is truly precious…our prized possession above everything and everyone else. Where would we be today without the constant unfailing companionship of His faithful presence, wise and perfect guidance, merciful patience, comfort, and transforming reproof? What would we do without Him? I can’t even imagine! Of all that is precious, Jesus tops the list.